We are certified to provide following trainings:

  • - for Private Pilot License PPL(A)
  • - for Commercial Pilot License CPL(A)
  • - for light aircraft pilot licence LAPL(A)
  • - for multi-engine piston, land (airplane) (class) MEP(L)
  • - for instrument rating (airplane) – IR(A)
  • - for VFR noc night flight qualification
  • - for flight instructor rating (airplane) – FI(A)
  • - for controlled visual flight rules – CVFR
  • - for instrument rating on multi-engines – IR/ME
  • - for instrument rating for instructors – IRI(A)
  • - for single crew instructor on multi-engine - CRI(SP)M

Additionally after elaboration of the Individual Training System we can aim at a renewal of the license or ratings that are no longer valid. According to the same principle one can convert the license given by FAA or by the Aviation Authority of some other country not being a member of JAA/EASA.